Discover a place where differences bring us together.

The ND Co. membership platform is full of on-demand content made by and for neurodivergent people, so you can get the connection, support, and understanding you need, when you need it.

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Discover a place where differences bring us together.

The ND Co. membership platform is full of on-demand content made by and for neurodivergent people, so you can get the connection, support, and understanding you need, when you need it.

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About the ND Co.

The ND Co Contributors

What is The ND Co.?

The ND Co. is a collective of neurodivergent people committed to sharing our lived experiences through video and written content to dismantle stereotypes and stigma.

Our content is created BY and FOR neurodivergent people, advocates, and Allied Health professionals.

Find a sense of connection through our experiences on a full range of topics from sensory processing and communication to parenting autistic children.

Who are we here for?

Neurodivergent people & their families

As neurodivergent people ourselves, we understand that our lives can be like a rollercoaster at times, and we’re here to give you the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to enjoy the ride.

Allied Health professionals

Our lived perspective leads to insights that can’t be found inside a textbook, and in this way, we hope to help health professionals develop a new understanding of neurodivergence.

Current and future advocates & allies

Whether you’ve already discovered your passion for understanding and embracing neurodivergence or you’re new to the idea, we’d love to support your journey and answer any questions you may have.

What do we offer?

On-demand multimedia content

The ND Co. membership is full of honest perspectives on a wide range of topics relating to neurodivergence, from self-identification to connection with others. Our videos and written pieces are created by and for Autistic people, and stored in a convenient on-demand multimedia content space.

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An online community

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone who can really relate to your lived experience - and that’s exactly what you’ll find inside The ND Co. membership. Connect with neurodivergent people, advocates, and Allied Health professionals in one place, and get answers to your most pressing questions.

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Guidance for parents

Raising neurodivergent children to be positive about who they are often requires connection with their neurokin in community - so let us offer you our own experience as ND parents to ND children. Inside The ND Co. membership, you’ll find content filled with insight from our members who are raising neurodivergent children.

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Want to take a peek inside?

Get access to the free tier of our membership and three of our most popular content pieces.

Driven by lived experience

The ND Co. is run by and for neurodivergent people and filled with content based on our own life experiences and professional expertise.

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Content that caters
to your needs

Whether you’re a neurodivergent person, a family member, an advocate, or an Allied Health professional, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our content library. New content added monthly!

  • Autism
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance
  • ADHD
  • Tourettes
  • Social Interaction
  • Relationships
  • Stigma
  • Sensory Processing
  • Parenting
  • Mental Health


Written pieces created

Videos created

Collective team members

We’re here to support

people like you.

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“As an autistic and neurodivergent mother, it is so important to me that I can both support myself and be supported by others. My autistic/ADHD/PDA children will now know where to seek support and how to support their own unique needs waaaay sooner than I did.”

- Mother of neurodivergent children

"What an amazing resource. So many of us benefit from the Collective. Nothing better than coming from a place of lived experience. Thank you."

- Anonymous

“Thank you for helping to lead this world to be open to our truth as Neurodivergent humans. This is the best. LOVE ❤️."

- Anonymous

“Since joining as a member, it has already opened up a dialogue between me and my son. Thank you for creating such an amazing space.”

- Mother of neurodivergent son

"This is so cool. What an amazing resource. Thank you."

- Anonymous

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Awesome! This membership has so much to offer you! You can look forward to hearing true stories from people who can relate to your lived experiences and connecting with a new network of neurokin.

Allied Health professional

Good to see you! Allied Health professionals play such an important role in supporting our community. Here, you’ll find content based on our lived experiences to inform your practice and help you provide the right support.

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Yay! We can never have too many proud supporters. The content on this portal is here to help you understand more about your neurodivergent friends, family members, and co-workers and offer the best support you can.


Great! We’re excited to have you here! Inside this portal, you’ll find a range of resources designed to provide valuable insight into neurodivergence so that you can meet the needs of your colleagues, now and in the future.  

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