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Neurodivergence is a natural variation in human being and doing. No matter where you're at in terms of your self-exploration and expression, the lived experience and understanding of others can help you better understand yourself.

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You might be...

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A neurodivergent person processing your experiences. Our content may help you find new meaning in your traumas and triumphs, and ultimately feel less alone in the world. Whether you’re unidentified and curious, or you’ve known you were neurodivergent for years, you’ll see some of yourself in our stories.

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A health professional or ally seeking honest insights. We focus on lived experiences in our content, which means going beyond textbook definitions and medical diagnoses to understand what neurodivergent people really want and need.

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Or a member of the public who wants to understand more about neurodivergence. We welcome people from all walks of life to come and hear our stories! If you’re curious about anything in particular, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!

No matter who you are,

you are welcome here!

The truth about neurodivergence is a story that deserves to be told -
and that’s what we’re here for.

About Us

The ND Co. is a collective of experts across a wide range of fields - from education to psychology, advocacy to consultancy, and everything in between...

And we are all Autistic.

We are wired to think, do, and be differently - and these unique perspectives enable us to fill gaps in the public consciousness with our own stories, rather than with stereotypes.

We provide bite-sized multimedia content on various topics pertaining to Autism, ADHD, PDA, Dyslexia, Tourettes and more, for the purpose of educating and informing families, individuals, educators, and Allied Health.


Meet the collective

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Allison Davies, Registered Music Therapist

Allison Davies

Autistic. RMT (Registered Music Therapist).

Allison Davies lives and works on Tommeginne land in Lutruwita (Tasmania), Australia. She creates online resources for parents, educators and support staff and works with schools to deliver professional development on the topics of childhood brain development and the use of music as a regulatory tool.

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I commit to using my work as a way of dismantling the patriarchal censorship of voice, and empowering our vocal autonomy.

Daniel Giles, Advocate

Daniel Giles

Advocate. Autistic. OAM (Order of Australia Medal). Speaker.

Daniel practices his advocacy work in a number of different ways. He runs Speaking Insights with his father, educating audiences about Autism from the parent and Autistic perspective, and shares his journey from childhood through to adulthood. He has also received an Order of Australia Medal for services to disability and the community.

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I celebrate what I am able to contribute to the world around me, realising that I was never meant to be everyone and everything. I look forward to continuing to feel more comfortable in my own skin and shining in my own unique way.

Emma Goodall, Disability & Education Consultant

Dr Emma Goodall

Autistic. Author. Speaker. Researcher. Disability & Education Consultant.

Emma is an Autistic author, keynote speaker and researcher with almost 20 years of experience as a disability and education consultant. She has written and presented on education, Autism, resilience, mental health, interoception, relationships and sexuality for Autistic people. Emma is passionate about helping people understand themselves and others and providing the support and education to enable people to achieve their potential.

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I’m passionate about helping people understand themselves and others, and providing education and support to enable people to achieve their potential.

Erin Bullus, Psychologist

Dr Erin Bulluss

Autistic. Clinical Psychologist.

Erin is a clinical psychologist with a passion for working therapeutically with Autistic people through online telehealth platforms. She helps neurodivergent individuals who have not developed any co-occurring diagnoses to accept their uniqueness, navigate the neurotypical aspects of the world, and develop a lifestyle that promotes wellbeing and mental health. As a mother to two Autistic children, Erin aims to create a family life that honours neurodiversity and meets the sensory, social, and emotional needs of the whole family.

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I feel strongly about honouring neurodiversity in the pursuit of wellbeing and was diagnosed Autistic myself in my mid-thirties.

Wenn Lawson, Psychologist

Dr Wenn Lawson

Autistic. Lecturer. Psychologist. Researcher. Advocate. Writer.

Dr. Wenn B. Lawson, PhD, is an Autistic lecturer, psychologist, researcher, advocate, writer and poet. He has been passionately sharing his professional and personal knowledge on Autism for 25 years, during which time he has written and/or contributed to over 25 books and many papers. He is a Tutor Practitioner for the University of Birmingham’s Masters Autism course, Adjunct Fellow with Macquarie University and Senior Researcher with Curtin University.

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Unfortunately human beings feel safer in what they know and what they experience as familiar. This, mistakenly, becomes what is NORMAL. Normal for you may not be normal for me, so this is a problematic term.


Evaleen Whelton 

Autistic. Advocate. Educator and Training Developer.

Evaleen's approach to social skills focuses on bridging the gaps in communication between Autistic and non-Autistic communicators. She sees the huge need for Autistics to be understood, appreciated and respected.  Over the past 7 years, Evaleen has delivered training to parents, schools, mental health professionals and therapists. She believes that together we can bridge those gaps and create a better world for Autistics young and old.

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I am a passionate advocate for Autistic rights especially the right to be ourselves. I believe that social skills cannot be assessed in isolation and that we must also assess the say others communicate with us, act toward us and view us. This approach is central to my work.

FAN, Advocate


Autistic. ADHD. PDA. Writer. Artist.

FAN is an artist, designer and writer, and closet comedian, with past experience teaching graphics at tertiary level. She has hosted and attended many public speaking seminars and local workshops, and has a quirky talent and love for appearing in television commercials.

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Our extraordinary abilities include an insatiable thirst and focus for information, solutions, creation and evolution. Our incredible intuition senses people’s energies and agendas and knows when something is wrong, particularly environments and approaches that are dangerous to our autonomy, free-thinking and disability needs. We don’t wear capes or masks (often). We run from drop bears, germs, spiders, conformists, itchy clothing and windy days and towards our service dog, Jess - our true cape crusader and face-licker.

Harry Thompson, Advocate

Harry Thompson

Autistic. PDA. Consultant. Author. Speaker.

Harry is an Autistic advocate, speaker, author and musician, and is heavily involved in projects and research on all topics around neurodiversity and Autism. His memoir, titled “The PDA Paradox”, earned him an election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts. Above all, Harry’s aim is simply to make the lives of neurodivergent individuals and their families a little less chaotic and a little more enjoyable.

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People are all too quick to label the neurodivergent child as broken, when really they have buckled under the weight of a system that does not currently accommodate them. Thus, their gifts, merits and attributes are often obscured and their flaws are pronounced.

Ingrid Smith, peer educator

Ingrid Smith

Autistic. Peer Educator (Carry Australia). Doula.

Ingrid is a mother of two, a member of the Doula Network Australia, and Vice President at Carry Australia. Through her own experience of motherhood, Ingrid is now driven to support other mothers as they find their path. She is always humbled by the strength and beauty she witnesses in emerging families. Many common threads - joys and challenges - run through the families she meets, but the love and diversity from one to the next are perpetually amazing.

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So much injustice is foisted upon our sisters (not just cis-ters), black and First Nation people, disabled folk, queer people, children and mother Earth by the patriarchal, imperialist and capitalist system we live under. It can often feel overwhelming, but inaction and silence only benefit the oppressor.

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Jules Edwards

Autistic. Writer. Activist. Parent.

Jules Edwards is an Anishinaabe Autistic activist and parent of Autistic children. She is the writer of Autistic, Typing.  Her advocacy includes formal and informal work in the areas of social justice, with a focus on intersectional disability rights and child safety. 

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I’m passionate about using my voice to promote equity and intersectional social justice. The neurodiversity movement is important to me because when I received my Autism diagnosis, I found myself, my community, and my purpose.

Kahukura, Advocate


Autistic. Advocate. Unschooler.

Kahukura is an unschooling mother of two from Aotearoa New Zealand and the person behind the Facebook page “More Than One Neurotype”, a page that blew up to over 25,000 followers in its first year. Kahukura sees what she offers in her advocacy work as a beginning and a conversation starter. Listening to other advocates sharing their stories is how she discovered her own identity, so she knows first-hand just how helpful peer support and community can be.

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As someone who went through the majority of my life without knowing the reason I had always felt different, I am particularly passionate about embracing an Autistic identity as a means of counteracting a society that often doesn't accept different ways of being.

Kieran Rose, educator and consultant

Kieran Rose

Autistic. Writer. Speaker. Advocate. Consultant. Educator.

Kieran is a published writer and international public speaker whose prolific work has been accessed by over a million people. He has consulted on a number of clinical psychology-led research papers covering Autistic masking, Autistic burnout, Autistic relationships, the voices of young Autistic people and mate crime in the Autistic community. He is also co-producing research into Autistic masking and victimisation.

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I am a privileged person. I have a voice and I can use it. As much as I hate speaking - I am selectively mute and using my voice in any capacity exhausts me - I have to use that privilege, because there are so many Autistic people who don’t have it.

Kristy Forbes, Support Specialist

Kristy Forbes

Autistic. ADHD. PDA. Educator. Childhood & Family Support Specialist.

Kristy Forbes is an Autism & Neurodivergence Support Specialist with experience supporting clients from all over the world.

This includes neurodivergent people, their families, and the professionals who wish to support them, such as educators, psychologists, paediatricians, Allied Health professionals, support workers and integration aides.

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Outside of Motherhood, I love to sing, play the piano and guitar, dance, and bounce around in my true ADHD expression. I can match my childrens' energy and my first passion in life is family.

Noor Abdul, author

Noor Abdul

Autistic. Muslim. Writer.

Noor is an Autistic Muslim woman of colour and a proud mother to her Autistic daughter. She has two university degrees, one diploma, and many, many favourite books. She is passionate about the role of spirituality in healing and power of writing our own healing narratives.

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Knowing I am Autistic means I can finally release the breath I didn’t know I was holding. I wasn’t trying to be difficult. I was always different. I am so grateful that I know this now, so that I can be my daughter’s staunchest advocate.

Rachel Dorsey, Speech-Language Pathologist

Rachel Dorsey

Autistic. ADHD. SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist).

Rachel is an ASHA-Certified speech-language pathologist who works within a private practice. Having experienced the dangers of prolonged masking, she is passionate about educating and warning other professionals against teaching masking behaviours, explicitly or inadvertently, to their Autistic clients.

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I am passionate about warning other professionals against teaching masking behaviours explicitly or inadvertently to their Autistic clients, as I have personally experienced the dangers of prolonged masking. My work and services are aimed at helping others empower and nurture their Autistic clients and children.

Sarah Marrich, Parent Mentor

Sarah Marrich

Autistic. ADHD. PDA. Disabled. Occupational Therapist.

Sarah Marrich, MSOT, OTR/L, is an Autistic occupational therapist living in the Southwestern United States. Sarah first self-identified as Autistic during graduate school, and was formally diagnosed at 36 years old. Her favourite thing in the world is helping others to (re)find their most joyful and authentic sensory selves.

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I love connecting with neurodivergent people of all ages and practicing therapy with an emphasis on joy, compassion, humour, and collaboration.

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez illustration

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez

Autistic. Occupational Therapist. Activist. Educator.

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez is an Autistic occupational therapist, activist, and educator based in the United States. Her entire family is neurodivergent - even the cats - and have served their state as therapeutic foster parents for nearly two decades. Sarah further served her nation as the first openly Autistic person elected to public office. She believes deeply in community and the power of connected space, and is passionate about all things sensory processing, Autistic joy, and positive identity development.  She also has a deep love for mental wellness through living an authentic, sensory-connected life - which, in her world, means lots of happy flaps and deep info-dives about whatever catches her interest!

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As an occupational therapist, I have heard time and time again from neurodivergent people simply wanting to be heard and believed for the way they experience their own world. This is usually after they’ve broken after a lifetime of pain.

Zoe Martin, consultant

Zoe Martin

Autistic. ADHD. Parent Mentor.

Zoe is a coach and mentor to parents across the world who are raising neurodivergent children. She awakens their sovereign hearts to bring forth radical healing, connection and an inner and outer freedom that is often lost to families post-diagnosis. Zoe’s mission is to help parents trust again - trust in each other, that they hold the answers, and that they know their child better than anyone else.

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Our children are free to be themselves more and more when we, as parents, take back what is ours and connect back to what is important: honouring our values and living our truth.

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