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What’s inside The ND Co. Portal?

The ND Co. is here to support and celebrate neurodivergent individuals everywhere by sharing the wisdom of experts, advocates, and Allied Health professionals. In this space, created by and for neurodivergent people, professionals, and families, you'll find plenty of information, inspiration, and insights into neurodivergence from a lived perspective.

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Our collective is home to people with a wide range of skills and expertise in the neurodivergent identity, culture, and lifestyle space. Between us, we have the experience and understanding to make real, positive change, both within our neurodivergent community and beyond.


We're here to share our truth - the human perspective - about neurodivergence in the most inclusive, accessible way possible. That’s why The ND Co. offers ongoing free content on Autism, ADHD, PDA, Dyslexia, Tourettes, and more for individuals, families, and professionals.

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We know that neurodivergent life can sometimes feel isolating, whether you're an Autistic person yourself, or raising and supporting neurodivergent people; and we hope that our honest, no-frills content will give you the sense of safety, confidence, and pride that we all deserve.


There’s no substitute for lived experience, which is why we’re so proud that every member of our Collective is neurodivergent. We understand how you feel about everything from the use (and misuse) of terminology to ongoing societal stigmas.

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We are psychologists, educators, disability advocates, family support specialists, occupational therapists, speech & language pathologists, speakers and authors

AND we are all Autistic.

Access to the education and support you need,

when you need it.

With a constant stream of new on-demand content and a strong community of neurodivergent people, advocates, and professionals, you’ll find everything you need right here! We’re here to help you navigate the diversity of neurobiology in a way that fits in with your lifestyle.


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Meet the experts

Inside, you'll meet our collective who share professional expertise and lived experience to help you form a roadmap for your own exploration of neurodivergence.

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Allison illustration with colour border

Allison Davies

Autistic. RMT (Registered Music Therapist).


Asiatu Lawoyin

Black, Queer, Trans, Autistic Educator. Neurodivergence and Intersectionality Sepcialist.

Daniel illustration with colour border

Daniel Giles

Advocate. Autistic. OAM (Order of Australia Medal). Speaker.

Emma Goodall illustration with colour border

Dr Emma Goodall

Autistic. Author. Speaker. Researcher. Disability & Education Consultant.

Erin illustration with colour border

Dr Erin Bullus

Autistic. Clinical Psychologist.

Wenn illustration with colour border

Dr Wenn Lawson

Autistic. Lecturer. Psychologist. Researcher. Advocate. Writer.


Evaleen Whelton

Autistic. Advocate. Educator and Training Developer.

FAN illustration with colour border


Autistic. ADHD. PDA. Writer. Artist.

Ingrid illustration with colour border

Ingrid Smith

Autistic. Peer Educator (Carry Australia). Doula.

Jules Migizi illustration

Jules Edwards

Autistic. Writer. Activist. Parent.

Kahukura illustration with colour border


Autistic. Advocate. Unschooler.

Kieran illustration with colour border

Kieran Rose

Autistic. Writer. Speaker. Advocate. Consultant. Educator.

Kristy illustration with colour border

Kristy Forbes

Autistic. ADHD. PDA. Educator. Childhood & Family Support Specialist.

Noor Abdul illustration with colour border

Noor Abdul

Autistic. Muslim. Writer.

Rachel illustration with colour border


Autistic. ADHD. SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist).

Sarah Marrich illustration with colour border

Sarah Marrich

Autistic. ADHD. PDA. Disabled. Occupational Therapist.

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez illustration

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez

Autistic. Occupational Therapist. Activist. Educator.


Shell Parsons

Autistic. PDA. Nature Therapy Practitioner. Writer. Speaker.


Stiof MacAmhalghaidh

Neurodivergent. Disabled. Queer. Trainer. Author. Mentor.

Zoe illustration with colour border

Zoe Martin

Autistic. ADHD. Parent Mentor.

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